Example of Business Cards Expense

Business Cards, etc. Expense - from Operating Expense Budget

Murray plans to buy letterhead, envelops, and business cards depicting his company's name, logo, telephone number, fax number, Internet address, etc. He called several local printing companies and asked for quotes on the above items. After analyzing samples from each company, he decided that "Quality Printers" would provide the best "bang for his buck". Quality Printers thought 500 copies of letterhead, envelops and business cards would satisfy his needs. Their quoted price was $250; to be paid in advance. Since Murray decided to have the items printed on July 2, his 200X Forecasted Cash Flow Statement will show a Cash Outflow of $250 in July for business cards and other correspondence . In addition, his 200X Forecasted Income Statement will show a "Business Card, etc Expense" of $250.

In 200Y, Murray doesn't suspect he'll need any further letterhead, envelops, or business cards. As a result, his 200Y Forecasted Income Statement and 200Y Forecasted Cash Flow Statement are NOT affected or altered.

Categories: Forecasting