Example of Fixed Asset and Forecasting

Fixed Asset Purchases note to the financial statements

This note should list all the fixed assets the company intends to purchase in each of the forecasted business years. In addition, be sure to show each fixed assets' after tax cost. Below provides an example of a typical fixed asset note.

Fixed Asset Purchases:
The following fixed assets will be purchased by Scholarship Information Services during the 200X and 200Y business years. As indicated in our forecasted Cash Flow Statement, payment for these purchases will commence in January of each business year.

200X 200Y
1 Notebook Computer $2,000 $1,200
1 Laser Printer $ 900 N/A
1 Fax Machine $ 500 N/A
2 Workstations $1,100 N/A
Total Cost of Purchases per Year $4,500 $1,200


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