Example of Investments into a Business and Forecasting

Personal Assets Invested by the Owner note

This note will list all assets an owner(s) invests into his/her company. In addition, it will provide appraised values of the assets invested and the name of the company('s) who conducted the appraisal.

Personal Assets Invested by the Owner:
The following personal items will be invested into the operation by Josh Johnston, at the company's inception. The asset items, other than cash, have been appraised by legitimate businesses (see appendix # 5 and # 6  of the business plan for appraisal details and quotations).

Asset Invested Appraised Value
1 Automobile $6,000
1 desktop computer $1,000
1 workstation $ 300
1 mini photocopier $2,600
Cash Investment $2,500
Total Personal Assets Invested by Owner $12,400

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