Example of a Marketing Budget and Forecasting

Marketing Breakdown note to the financial statements

This note briefly summarizes your company's forecasted marketing budget. The note should list each marketing item, the cost of each marketing item, and the expected date of payment for each marketing item. The following is an example of a marketing budget note to the forecasted financial statements.

Marketing Budget Breakdown:
The TRUE COMPANY has forecasted the following marketing items for its 200X and 200Y business year.

Item: 200X 200Y
Print Advertising $ 2,500 $ 5,000
Promotional Kits & Development $12,784 $14,062
Distribution Costs $ 500 $ 600

Totals $15,784 $19,662

The 200X marketing & promotional items are distributed (paid, not incurred) over the following months;

Item: Months Paid Amount Disbursed
Print Advertising March, April $1,250/month
Promotional Kits March, April $5,686/month
Distribution Costs May, June, July, Sept, November $ 100 /month
Consultation March, June, July, September $ 353 /month

Payment of these above marketing items can be seen on the company's 200X Forecasted Cash Flow Statement.

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