Examples of Office Supples, Equipment and Furnishings

Do you need office supplies and how much will each supply cost you?

Business Cards Letterhead and envelopes
Pens, pencils, markers, paper Invoice & Receipt books, General Ledger
Computer disks Stamps
Stapler Post its
File folders Transparencies


Do you need equipment & office furniture and how much will each cost you?

Computer & software Printer
Will your accounting be computerized Pager
Do you need a point of sales inventory system Telephones
Answering machine or call center Cellular phone
Voice mail Internet account
Desk, chairs, lamps, plants, garbage cans Fax Machine
Calculators Curtains or blinds
Filing cabinet Cash register
Plants Pictures
Overhead projector TV
DVD Recorders Photocopier
Work benches Shelving
Production equipment (specify) Vehicle
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