Types of Business Policies


If you have just started out in business or have been in business for years, it's imperative to thoroughly develop company policies. A company policy is a rule or guideline, a company follows when faced with a particular problem or issue. The more situations or policies you develop, the smoother your business will operate.

Below lists a variety of areas where policies may be created.

Product Return Policy Discount Policy
Reservation or Lay-a-way Policy Motivating Your Staff
Credit Granting Policy Purchasing Policy
Payment Policy Signage Policy
Collecting Past Due Accounts Policy Advertising Policy
Sales Objectives Policy Invoicing Policy
Purchase Discount Policy Back Order Policy
Owner's Drawing Policy Sales Promotion Policy
Dividend Policy Publicity Policy
Reporting Policy Personal Selling Policy
Customer Satisfaction Policy Commission to Employees
Human Resource Policy Corporate Growth Policy
Employee Training Policy Wage Policy
Commission Policy Pricing Policy
Interest on Late Payment Policy After Sales Service Policy
Quality Control Policy Packaging Policy
Product Delivery Policy Warrantee Policy
Shipping & Receiving Policy Distribution Policy
Inventory Policy Petty Cash Policy
Product Diversification Policy R&D Policy
Equipment Maintenance Policy Overall Planning Policy
New Product Development Policy Disclosure Policy
Cost Cutting Policy Environmental Policies
Corporate Culture Sexual Harassment Policy
Employee Promotion Policy Employee Demotion Policy
Hiring Policy Firing Policy
Employee Theft Policy
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