Types of Businesses – Part 3 of 8


Types of Businesses

Below represents Part 3 of 8 relating to 1,200 types of businesses, types of companies, and business ideas.  To view the remaining 7 Parts of our types of businesses discussion, please refer to the section entitled, Types of Businesses.


Computer Network Installation & Sales

Customer Computer Assembling Business

Computer Recycle Business

Computer Sales & Service

Computer Training Company

Computer Graphics Training Company

Computer Consultant

Computer Security Software Products

Computer Technician Services

Computer Programming Instruction

Computer-Imaged Interior Restyling

Computerized Financial Search Service

Computerized Coupons

Computerized Accounting Training Company

Concession Supplies Supplier

Concrete Resurfacing

Condo Vacation Rentals

Cookie & Sweet Shop

Conflict Resolution Adviser

Consignment Used Car Lot

Consulting Business (general)

Consumer Goods Broker

Consumer protection/consulting bureau

Contractor Referral Service

Convention Booking Service

Custom Rugs/Mats

Corporate Day Care Center

Convenience Store

Cookware Supplies Store

Cork Sculpture Retailer or Manufacturer

Costume Jewelry Business

Costume Designer

Cross Bows, Blow Guns, T's Designer/Sales

Cottage Rental Business

Cottage Builder

Cottage Furniture Storage Business

Counter Top Sales & Repairs

Counter-Top Display Designer/Supplier

Coupon Pak Organizer & Distributor

Coupon Clearinghouse

Craft Supply Store

Craft Making School

Craft Figurines Retailer

Crafts Sold On Consignment Store

Cranberry Farming & Processing

Truck Bed Liners Sales & Service

Creating A Positive Self-Image Ebook

Creative Advertisement Designer

Credit Card Seekers Mailing List

Credit Counselling Firm

Crime Scene Clean-up Service

Crime Prevention Products & Services

Deck & Concrete Surfacing Systems

Crystal Making Business/Retailer

Custom Made Whirl Pool Business

Custom Made Licence Plates

Custom Closets Design & Installation

Custom Trailer design

Discount Fabric Shop

Custom Rug Making

Custom Made Golf Clubs

Custom Floor Tiles

Custom Made Bedspreads, Slipcovers, etc

Custom Bead Jewelry

Custom Chocolates

Custom Printed Plastic Promo Products

Custom Coffee Mugs

Custom Made Curtains

Custom Made Quilts

Custom-made Awnings & Canopies

Computerized Used Car Directory

Customized Place Mats

Dance Studio

Dart &Dart Board Manufacturer/Distributor

Database Training Company

Speed Dating Service/Website

Day Care Supplies

Debt Negotiation Services

Decorative Wedding Photo Album Covers

Decorative Shelving Manufacturer

Decorative Wall Hangings Business

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing/ Restoration

Decoy Manufacturer

Deep Sea Fishing Guide

Defence Equipment

Discount Mattress Store

Designer Neckties

Designer & Imitation Sun Glasses Shop

Designer Floor-mats

Alternative Fragrance Store

Designer Doll Manufacturer

Skate board manufacturer

Desk Manufacturer

Desktop Publishing Company

Die Cut Stickers for Windows, Cars, Etc

Diet Programs/EBooks

Digital Calender Design/Manufacturer

Digital Imaging Services

Digital Heat Transfer Systems

Direct Mail/Mail Order Marketing Firm

Discount Party & Card Merchandise

Quality Filing Cabinets (business)

Discount Cosmetics & Accessories

Auto Parts Retailer

Display Easels, presentation Equipment

Discount Air Fair Broker/Specialist

Disposable Gloves Manufacturing

Distinctive Gifts, Specialty Merchandise

Property & Automobile Appraisals

Property Maintenance Products/Services

Fishing Tackle

Pruning Service

Public Relations Advisory Service

Public Washroom Cleaning Service

Publicity Campaign Designer

Publishing Company

Pumpkin & Vegetable Stands

Quality Control Products/Systems

Ramp Loading Systems

Raw material procurement investigator

Private Pet Control Service

Reading Clinic

Real Estate Appraisal Service

Real Estate Flyers

Records Research Business

Recovery Transcriptions Service

Recreational Resort

Recreational Clothing Store

Recycled Printer Ink Cartridges

General Recycling Service

Redesigned Frisbees

Rehabilitation Center

Relaxation/Meditation DVD's

Religious Products Designer/Retailer

Reminder Service

Remote Control Products/Systems

Removable Tattoos-Vending Machine

Renovation Services

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