Types of Businesses – Part 4 of 8

 Types of Businesses

Below represents Part 4 of 8 relating to 1,200 types of businesses, types of companies, and business ideas.  To view the remaining 7 Parts of our types of businesses discussion, please refer to the section entitled, Types of Businesses.


DJ Service

Doll House Furniture Manufacturer

Doll Clothing Products

Doll Repair Service

Donar Shop

Drain & Pipe Cleaning Services

Drama School

Dress Making for Special Events

Drift Wood Products

Drive Up Real Estate Promotion Products

Drive Thru Espresso Bar

Drive Thur Convenience Store

Drive-way Maintenance Service

Driving Education School (all Types)

Driving (Trucks, etc) Educational Books

Drug Dependancy Clinic

Drum Stick Manufacturing/Retailing

Dry-Cleaning Service

Drywall Business

Duplicate Key Stand

Duvet Manufacturer

Earring Designer/Retailer

Education Software for Disable

Education Financing Planning/Services

Electric Wiring Service

Electric Bathroom Mirror Defogger

Electronic Talking Calenders

Electronic Toy Retailer

Electronics Equipment Outlet

Electronics Repair Service

Employee Recruiting Business

Emu Farming

Energy Conservation Solutions for Businesses

Energy Loss Prevention Service

Energy Boosting Products

Engine Powered Airplane Models

Engine Treatment Products/Agents

Engine Wear Protection Systems

English Toffee & Fudge

Entertainment Center Sales & Service

Entrepreneurship Training Company

"Make-Your-own-Pottery" Shop

Environmental Waste Elimination Services

Environmental Technology Store

Equipment Leasing Brokerage

Equipment Rentals

Error Clothing Retailer (clothing outlet)

Essay Writing Business

Etiquette Consulting

Event Decorating Service

Exercise Clothing & Other Accessories

Exotic Plant Seed Store

Exotic Lingerie

Expense Reduction Service/Consultation

Extreme Sports Co-ordinator

Fabric & Material Store

Fabric Protection/Flame Retardation Products

Facials Creams Distributor

Facilitation Services

Family Barber Shop

Family Counselling Firm

Family History Videography Services

Family Entertainment Center

Family Camping Supplies

Earrings, Buttons, Key Chains Kiosks

Farm Touring Business

Farmers Market Organizer

Fashion Jewelry, Crystals & Fossils

Fashion/Style Consultant

Fashion Quartz Watches

Fast Health-Food Restaurant

Financial Broker

Female Sportswear Store

Fence Building (home)

Fiber Optic Signs

Fiberglass Repair & Re-coloring

Fibreglass Fishing Boats

Financial Advisor

Flea Market Organizing Service

Fire Extinguishing Sales & Refill Business

Fireplace & Grates Sales & Service

First Aid Kit Retailer

First Aid Instruction

Fish Smoking Service & Sales

Fish Tackle Manufacturer

Fish Net Manufacturing

Fishing Supplies Store

Fishing -Virtual Reality Fishing

Fishing Expeditions & Tours

Fitness Consultant/Instructor

Floor Refinishing Rentals

Floral Design School

Flower Stand

Flower Pot Manufacturer

Flower Vending Machines

Flower Arrangement Designer/Sales

Flower Planting Service

Food Delivery Service

Food Catering Service

Food Dehydrating Business

Framed Artwork Gallery/Show Room

Foreign Language Instructional Videos

Funny Fortune Cookie Distributor

Foundation Crack Repair Systems

Framed Clocks, Art, & Mirrors

Franchise Consultation

Free Drop Shipping Dealership

Free Classified Newspaper Publishing

Freelance Commercial Writing

Freight Forward Services

Freight Brokerage

French Fry Vendor/Kiosk

Frozen Yogurt Shop

Full Service Tanning Salon/Products

Full Car Restoration Service

Skate Sharpening Service

Fully Certified Nanny Service

Fund Raising Consultant

Furniture Stripping Service

Furniture Rental Business

Furniture Manufacturer

Furniture Chip & Scratch Repair Service

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