Types of Businesses – Part 7 of 8


Types of Businesses

Below represents Part 7 of 8 relating to 1,200 types of businesses, types of companies, and business ideas.  To view the remaining 7 Parts of our types of businesses discussion, please refer to the section entitled, Types of Businesses.



Modeling Agency

Mortgage Reduction/Auditing Services

Motivational Products Website

Mopad & Scooter Rentals

Mountain Bike Track/Racing

Motorcycle Accessories

Moving Service

Muffler & Brake Shop

Music Booking Agency

Music Lessons for Beginners Business 

Music/PA Equipment Rentals

Musical Greeting Cards

Musical Education for Kids

Mutual Fund Advisor

Negotiation Service

Neon Signs, Clocks, banners, etc

Oder Control Service & Products

New Home Interior Design

Music School

Newsletter Publishing for Websites

Night Care Baby Sitting Service


Non-Alcohol Bar

Non-slip Floor Systems & Products

Nostalgic Memorabilia Shop

Notification Services

Novelty Jewelry & Watches

Nutrition Counselor

Nursing Equipment Rentals

Nutrition Store

Off Season Cottage Sitting Service

Office & Home Organizer

Office Equipment Repair Business

Office Supplies Store

Office Equipment Cleaning Service

Office Cubicles Sales & Restoration

Office Equipment Rentals

Oil Recycling Service

Old Trunk Refurbishment

Old Fashion Bar/Tavern (Saloon)

On-site Oil/Filter/ Change Service

On-site Auto Detailing/Touch-up Service

Optical Store

Organ/Piano Repair & Restoration

Organic vegetable greenhouse/sales

Organic Beef Farming

Outdoor Mailbox designer/manufacturer

Outdoor Hockey Rink Making Service

Oversized Adult Clothing retailer

Package Wrapping Service

Packaging Supplies for Shipping

Outboard Motor Carrier

Par Three Golf Course

Para Sailing Rides

Paralegal Services

Parenting Instruction Service

Parking Lot Car Wash/Cleaning

Party Organizing Business

Party & Gift Store

Party Catering Business

Passport & Identification Photo Systems

Panalized Circular Homes & Buildings

Patio/Deck Design & Construction

Oriental & Persian Rug Store

Pawn Shop

Paint By Numbers Art Work

Personal Care Vending Machines

Personal Chef Service

Residential/Commercial Property Inspections

Personal Image Consultant

Personal Referral for Child Care Service

Personal Care Products

Personalized Children's Videos

Personal Buying Service for Brides

Personalized Children's Books

Personalized Photos on Mugs, Hats, Clothing

Personnel Recruitment Service

Pest Control Service & Supplies

Pet Grooming Service

Pet Boarding Service

Pet Training Service

Pet Cemetery

Pet Portrait Business

Personalized Mattress Pads, Pillows, etc

Pet Insurance

Pet Enthusiast Gift Shop

Pet Food Store

Petite Sizes Clothing Store

Pewter Figurines Retailer/website

Photo Booth Service

Photographic Property Documentation Services

Piano Tuning Service

Pine Furniture Manufacturer/Retailer

Pipe & Cigar Shop

Pizza Shop

Picture Framing Shop

Plant leasing & Maintenance Service

Plant & Flower Shop

Plaque & Trophy Manufacturer/Retailer

Plastic Flowers Website/Retailer

Plastic Housewares Distributor/Retailer

Plate Manufacturer

Designer Plates with Custom Photos

Plumbing Sales & Service

Plus Sizes Clothing Store

Plush Toys & Plush Novelties

Popcorn Vending Machines

Porcelain Repair & resurfacing

Porcelain Flower Retailer

Porcelain Doll Dealer

Porcelain Animal Designer

Portable Sonia Sales & Rentals

Portable Spa Sales & Rentals

Portrait Studio

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