Types of Businesses – Part 8 of 8


Types of Businesses

Below represents Part 8 of 8 relating to 1,200 types of businesses, types of companies, and business ideas.  To view the remaining 7 Parts of our types of businesses discussion, please refer to the section entitled, Types of Businesses.



Salmon Farming

Sandwich/Deli Shop

Sauna Sales & Installation

Sawdust Collector/Distributor

Scanning & Editing Services

Scenic Products

Scholarship Research Service

School Bus Decals/Exterior Refinishing

School of Masonry

Screen Printing Service

Scrolling Advertising Display Systems

Scuba Diving Business

Sculptured Candle Making Business

Sea-Doo Rentals

Seashell Crafts & Ornaments

Seasonal Candy Kiosks

Secondhand Music Store

Secondhand Toy Store

Secretarial School

Secretarial Services

Sun Protections Products/Store

Secure High Rise Fire Rescue Systems

Security Systems for computers, office equp'mt

Security Products Inventor/Manufacturer

Security Consultant and Service

Security Marking Systems

Self Defense Product/Reatiler

Seed Painting

Self Defense Training Facility

Self Service Mini Gas Bar

Self Improvement Material website

Self-Brew Micro brewery

Selling Pet Paraphernalia

Selling Mailing Lists

Selling Poetry

Selling Advertising on CD/DVD

Seminar Promoter/Organizer

Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service

Sewing School

Sewing Machine Repairs

Shampoo Manufacturer

Shaved Ice & Frozen Desserts

Shell Recycling/Products

Shipping Service

Skate Board Competitions

Shoe Store

Shoe Repair

Shoe Manufacturer

Shoplifting Prevention ebook

Short Stories Writer (children)

Shrub Trimming Service

Shuttle Service

Sight Seeing Business

Sign Maker/Manufacturer

Silk Florist

Silverware, Brassware & Supplies

Stress Clinic

Summer Savory Grower/Processing

Sun Flower Seed Grower & Processor

Sundial Manufacturer

Symbol/Drum Manufacturing

Swimming Pool Service & Sales

Swap Meet Promotional Business

T-shirt Manufacturer

T-Shirt Shop or Stand

Tattoo Parlor

Sunglass Kiosks

Telephone Answering Service

Temporary Office Workers for Hire Agency

Ten-Minute Oil Change Shop

Tennis/Racquetball Club

Theater School for Children

Theme Party Hosting Business

Therapeutic Shoe Insoles

Third Party Transportation Services

Tile Reglazing - Bathrooms, floors, etc

Tour Guide Business

Tourist Information & Restaurant

Toy Wagon Manufacturer

Toy Shop

Trade Show Coordinator/Promoter

Trailer Rental

Transportation Services

Trash Compactors Sales & Service

Tire Recycled Products

Travel Agency

Target Shooting Range

Travel Kits Retailer/Designer

Travel Bag Manufacturer

Tree Removal Service

Tree Planting Service

Tree Pruning Business

Trendy Teens Clothing Store

Tropical Fish & Bird Store

Trout Fishing Farm/Resort

Typesetting Business

Truck Driving Instructor

Truck/Van/Car Accessories Sales

Truck, Car, Vehicle Show Organizer

Tutoring Service

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Sales

Tool Rental Service

University Student Income Tax Preparation

University Tutoring Service

University Book Finding Service (students)

Upholstery Cleaning & Repair

Used Carpet Sales & Restoration

Used Quality Clothing Retailer

Used Car Dealer

Used Computer & Accessories Store

Used Bicycle Buyer/Refurbishing

Used Wedding Apparel Store

Used Sporting Equipment Store

Used Office Furniture Store

Used Book Store

Used Office Equipment Shop

Used Furniture Consignment Business

Used Toy Store

Utility Auditing Service

Valet Parking Service

Vapor Cleaning Systems

Video-Assisted Duct Cleaning Services

Vehicle/Boat, etc Storage Business

Vehicle Towing Service

Vehicle Security Sales & Installation

Vegetarian Fast Food Restaurant

Vending Machines for the Disabled

Video Games Creator/Retailer

Vinyl Decking & Fencing Sales & Service

Vinyl Siding Cleaning

Vinyl Siding Business & Repair

Virtual Vacation Home-video Service

Virtual Mall - Internet

Wake-up Service

Vitamin Store/Distributor

Washroom Advertising Agency

Waste Removal Company

Water Skiing Rides/Rentals

Water Fitness Franchise

Water Skiing Business

Waterproof Roofing Sales & Service

Water Treatment/Air Purification Systems

Wax Products/Museum

Web Site Developer

Wedding Videos Service

Wedding Cake Bakery

Wedding Photography Business

Wedding Store

Wedding Planning Service

Weed Control Service

Weight Loss Control Programs

Well Drilling Service & Accessories

Western Clothing Store

Whale Watching Business

Wheel chair access designer

Wholesale Carpets & Rugs

Wholesale Party Products

Wicker Basket Making

Wildlife Management Services

Wind Surfing Business

Wind Chimes Manufacture/Retailer

Window Shades, Safe Vinyl Blinds, Drapery

Window Display Designer

Window Washing Service

Windshield Repair Service

Women's Professional Work-ware Store

Women's Active Wear

Women's Designer Knitwear

Wood Carved Products

Yellow Pages Consulting

Wood Stove Sales & Repairs

Wooden Swing Building Business

Wooden Toys Manufacturer

Wool Products Manufacturer/Sales

Yogurt Bar

Yoga Instruction

Writing Children's Books

Yachting time-share renting Business

Yard Sale Organizer

Yearbook Printing Service

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