Example of Management & Staffing Budget and Forecasting

Management & Staff note to the financial statements

This note should summarize the number of management and staff your company plans to have. It also should provide the reader with the anticipated salaries and estimated employer costs used within your financial forecast. An example of the management and staffing note is as follows;

Management & Staff:
The number of management and staff , along with their planned salaries, have been forecasted by The JJJ Company for the 200X and 200Y business years.

200Y Salaries
Management required per year 2 3 $35,000
Staff required per year 10 15 $28,000

The mandatory employer costs forecasted in the financial statements are estimated at 11% of gross salaries. These employer costs will be remitted to the government on a monthly bases. Payment of these costs can be seen under the company's forecasted cash flow statements. In addition, the total employer cost expenses for 200X and 200Y can be seen on the company's forecasted income statements entitled "employer costs expense".

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