Types of Businesses – Part 5 of 8


Types of Businesses


Below represents Part 5 of 8 relating to 1,200 types of businesses, types of companies, and business ideas.  To view the remaining 7 Parts of our types of businesses discussion, please refer to the section entitled, Types of Businesses.



Furniture Store

"Make Your Own Pizza" Parlor

Insurance Appraisal Service

Gambling Guides (Ebook)

Garage Sale Promoting Business

Garage Junk Removal Business

Garage Interior Design Service

Garden Planting Service

Garden Tools Retailer/Manufacturer

Gardening Products Retailer

Garlands, Wreaths, Other Decorations

Gazebo Designer/Manufacturer

General Handyman Service

General Wholesaling Business

Gift Basket Arrangement Business

Gift Shop

Glass Cutting Business

Glass Manufacturer

Glass Figurine Products

Glass/Window Coating Systems

Glass Etching

Glass Flowers Store

Glass Tinting Business

Glass Engraving Service

Glossy Calendar Manufacturing

Go-Cart Builder & Sales

Golf - Driving Range

Golf Club Retailer

Golf Club Cleaning Machines/Sales/Service

Golf Camp for Kids

Golf Souvenirs & Apparel

Golf Lessons & Video

Golf Tours for  Seniors

Goose Farm & Down Products

Gourmet Kitchenware Shops

Gourmet Nacho & Specialty Drinks

Graphic Design Service


Greenhouse Assembling Kits

Greeting Card Shop/Designer

Grocery Delivery Service (organic)

Grocery Coupon Certificates

Guide to High Energy & Enthusiasm

"Colors/Image" Consultant

Guide to Peak Performance (Ebook)

Guitar Designer & Manufacturer

Gunsmith Shop

Hair Loss Remedies

Hair Care Products & Accessories

Helicopter Rides

Halloween Products - Mail Order

Hammock Manufacturer/Retailer

Hand Made Products Manufacturer

Hand-Crafted Giftware

Hand-Knit Sweaters

Hang Gliding Business

Hardware Store - Tools & Supplies

Hardwood Floor Restoration Service

Harley Davidson Memorabilia

Haunted House Tours & Parties

Health Food Store

Health Weight Loss Resort

Health Beverages/Juice Bar

Hearing Aid Retailer

Herb Farming

Herbal Remedy Shop

High Performance Polymer Systems

High Performance Tune-up Shop

High Quality Massage Pillows, etc

High Quality (Premium) Ice Cream Parlor

High School Student Tutoring Service

High Tech Sand-Carving

Hiking Tour Guide Business

Hinged Screen Designer & Manufacturer

Historic Newspapers/Letters

Hobby Shop

Hobby School

Hockey Stick Manufacturer

Hockey Training Center

Hockey Equipment Drying Stand

Home Travel Agency

Home Tutoring Service

Home Bakery

Home Health Care Agency

Home Inspection Service

Home Design & Decor

Home/Car Noise Infiltration Products 

Home Based Business Office Design

Home Automation Systems Sales & Service

Health Care Data Management

Home Typing Service - Term Papers Etc

Gift Certificate - coupons

Home-made Wine/Beer Store

Home Improvement Contractor

Home Support Services - Elderly/Disabled

Home-service Referral Business

Homemade Recipe Selling

Homemade Chocolates

Hospital Supplies Distributor

Homemade Pizza Shop

Hospital/Medical Bill Auditing

Hot Tub Sales & Rentals

Hot Tub and Pool Sales & Service 

Hot Dog & Sausage Stand

House Boat Rentals

House Keeping Service

House Sitting Business

Indian Crafts & Artifacts

House Restoration Business

Household Appliance Rentals

How to E-Books

How to Videos

Hungarian Restaurant

Ice Cream Parlor/ Dairy Bar

Import & Export Consultant

Fortune Telling Service

In-door Air Quality Control Sales & Service

In-door Golf Range

In-door Mini-Putt

In-door Paint Ball Wars Business

In-line Skating Tournaments

In-line Skate Specialty Store

Indoor/Outdoor Advertising Inflatables

Indoor Air Quality Testing Service

Indoor Radio-Control Car Racing

Industrial Water Treatment Systems

Industrial Goods Broker

Industrial Arts Instructional Guides

Industrial Heat Exchanger Systems

Indoor Go-Carting

Inflatable Amusement Rides

Inflatable Kid's Playground

Infomercial product store

Information Broker

Injury Rehabilitation Services

Installation & Repair of Industrial Doors

Instant Portable Shelters

Insulated Blinds

Instant Print Shop

Instant Portrait or Drawing Business

Interior cottage design

Interior Decorator

Interior soundproofing for apt. complexes

Interactive Laser Tag Systems

Internet Marketing Business

Internet Consultant

Internet "Watch-Dog" Service/Software

Youth Center

Internet Advertising Agent

Intimate Apparel

Investment Adviser

Iron Filtration Systems

Janitorial Services

Italian Restaurant

Jewelry Box Retailer or Manufacturer

Jigsaw Puzzles

Job Interviewing Service

Job Performance/Appraisal Service

Kitchen Design

Kitchen Cabinet Designer & Installation


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